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About Millie

Of Haitian heritage, French Canadian birth and Chicago upbringing, Millie was raised by her paternal grandparents having lost both parents by the age of 2. This tragedy at a young age would shape the woman she is today. She is resilient and passionate about living life to the full. The arts became part of her life through piano, tap, and ballet in her adolescent years, to choir and theater in college years, then moving on to producing special events as an adult.

Her upbringing gave her a love for the performing arts, like the opera, ballet, Broadway shows, which she attends regularly.  Travel is a love, especially to international and exotic locations.  An avid cook and foodie, she enjoys hosting dinner parties for friends and family.  Relief work has always been close to Millie’s heart. As a long time certified disaster relief worker with the Red Cross, she has been deployed to major disaster sites like the Twin Towers/911 for 3 weeks and Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans for 2 months. Being able to lend a hand and comfort people in their deepest times of need is a blessing.  Involved with many social injustice issues, she is committed to being a voice to those who may not have a voice and being a part of a mass voice until change happens.

The most treasured times are with her family, inner circle of friends and her yorkie, Maliki.